I Found I’m Bisexual, What Should I Do?

I found I am bisexual vaguely, and cannot sure when it came to my mind. Oh, My! Although I’m not opposed to gay or something, I can’t believe it but I’m truly a bisexual.
I have a good friend from childhood, but recently we broke the relationship, I often think of her, I’m very sad. We were been together for many years, but I never think her as my girlfriend. But I have always been very interested in the women’s bodies. I also like to see beautiful women when walking in the street, and I’ll even think about the sex with a woman ( I never make love with a woman) and this feeling will come out more and more.
I am also normal for a man, and also want to have a happy marriage, have a baby. But the thinking of women is always in my mind, what should I do?tumblr_ndf8ulcC5q1qb139no1_500

Comment: Don’t worry about it. The human sexual orientation is divided into two poles, definitely heterosexual and homosexual absolutely, but these are properly only 20% of total population. Most of people are always biased slide between heterosexual and homosexual, or bisexual each half.

So if you are 16~22 years old, and have s problems, such as sexual orientation that confuse you, please do not come to a definitive conclusion. Because this conclusion maybe just temporary, like a person’s growth, as people are always obtained before the overthrow of the growth spiral wrong thought. Do not prematurely into the circle.

If you are mature enough to sure you are bisexual, first accept yourself as bisexual, as mentioned, bisexuals are exist everywhere and you are normal. I think you should do nothing about it, because it’s not a problem.

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