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Do You Understand Bisexuals?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation who interested in both women and men. It may sound a super power for some people. Because bisexuality is double romantic choice and means double chance, right? However, in real life, bisexuality is not so good a identify. The reasons are here, first, bisexuals are not “straight”, So the bi sexuality is usually thought be unnormal in popular society, because they are not belong to the majority sexuality. On the other hand, when they have heterosexual partners, they will be considered to be heterosexual. It sometimes makes difficulty for they feel associate themselves with LGBT.

Most important thing is that there are some serious misunderstanding on bisexuality. There are lots of rumors and stereotypes around bisexual, and some of them are even contradictory. These prejudices are not in heterosexual but also in LGBT. So it makes more difficult to bisexuals join the two groups. Fortunately, a growing number of research on bisexuals make we know more about this sexual orientation. Here we list 3 example of misunderstanding on bisexuality, and hope who read this article will understand bisexual, accept bisexual and support bisexual.

Rumor 1: Bisexuality does not exist
I think this rumor particularly ridiculous: How can you say to a group of people that they do not exist? But the thoughts are widespread that the owner(especially bisexual men) is either heterosexual or homosexual. Sadly, even in the LGBT circles, you can sometimes hear the argument –“There is no such thing as bisexual man“.

Researchers have completely overturned this rumors in a recent study published in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” magazine. They convened a number of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men, playing more than porn movie clips for them. The subjects were asked to assess not only evoke these fragments they are subjective feelings, but also to connect the device to measure their physiology changes in penile circumference (sexual arousal).

As expected, While watching a show of sexy women, heterosexual men subjective feeling and excitement of heterosexual men were significantly higher than watching men show. And the situation of male homosexuality is just the opposite. However, the degree of bisexual men were aroused by images of men and women are relatively close. While watching bisexual videos – two male and one female Video – degree of evoke were higher than the other two groups. Importantly, these differences are reflected in both the extent of appealing to their self-reported sexual arousal and considerable degree of objective data. Therefore, from the study, it is clear that these people are not the “pretend” bisexual.

Rumor 2: Bisexual just a phase
This rumor put bisexual portrayed an experimental stage or confused state – often occurs during college. After the stage, bisexuals will determine their “real” identity (or decide they are straight, gay or bi).

Lisa Diamond carried out some very complex work for this subject, she observed long period of female gender identity. In an article published in “Developmental Psychology” of the paper, Dr. Diamond reported the data of her close attention to women more than a decade.

The results unmistakably show that bisexual was not transition: adolescence is positioned as bisexual women at the end of the study, only a very small number of positioning themselves as heterosexual or homosexual change (only 8%). So it’s not only a stage. Certainly the orientation of bisexual women are always changing with time, as straight maybe change to be gay.

Rumors 3: Bisexuals are not loyal companion
This is probably the most vicious rumors. It comes from the idea of a partner can not fully satisfy the human sexes those are interested. Some people think, sooner or later they will desire sex with a partner who is differ. For example, people tend to think that, compare to the heterosexual and homosexual, bisexuals are more likely to deceive their partners.

In fact, many bisexuals have a happy one relationship with their partner. For example, when the end of the study Dr. Diamond decade, up to 89% of bisexual women are in long-term monogamous relationships. In addition, those who want to get multiple sexual partners of bisexual, studies show that they often talks to the partner to build an open relationship, rather than carrying around a private partner. I can not find any research to support bisexual are not honest or loyal than other people.

All in all, the scale of bisexual is still small, but growing field of research is a bright future. It not only dispel a lot of rumors and misconceptions surrounding bisexuality, but also offer interesting insights on general sexual activity. And different from other sources of popular culture or media, scientific researchers think bisexuality is a relatively stable and lasting aptitude characteristics. We need more research in order to understand the similarities of bisexuality and Monosexuality (ie heterosexual and homosexual) , or unique characteristics.